Autonomous Incubator

Autonomous Incubator – Feature-rich Incubator even for Dummies

One of our automation projects is the Incubator Series.

Egg incubators that could be purchased, in online stores and on social networks claims to be automatic, but the truth is they are just semi-automatic. What makes them semi-automatic is, their system needs a prior adjustment of thermostat and humidistat to the right calibration. With this, incubators could not produce appropriate results. And that is experienced by breeders here and there, loosing a good amount of production before fixing the calibration issue.

The First Ever True Automatic Incubator

In Noble Iron, one of our solutions is we create an Incubator that do not have many buttons to operate with. There is only one button, serving On and Off.

Turn it On, and that’s it, the Incubator operates by itself. No Hustle No Fuzz. This particular solution is made for beginners, or even to those who don’t know the complex incubation process. The true spirit of Automatic.


The base feature that we are proud of is the safety feature of our Incubator solutions. For primary reason is not to overheat the eggs when something goes wrong. Which common with incubators, and will eventually experience. Unlike to our solutions, if something goes wrong the system will shut off and notify the user on the screen and via mobile phone.

And we continue to do so with our various incubator solutions. With different features that suit different kind of users.Features like self-calibration, oxygen sensors, vent motors, mobile phone notifications, different kind of turning mechanisms, breeder health status assumptions (incubator management mobile app feature). We even have a total solution for for set and forget setup.

High Performance

Materials carefully selected and quality-checked for durability. This incubator project is almost 2-decade old and the automation part is now a 5-year old research. With such amount of testing and experience, we already seen the results of various great materials.


We are placing incubators in Palawan, to which people could send their eggs for incubation. In terms of poultry, to promote agricultural productivity of the last Frontier.

We also install our system to other incubators. Significant improvement for more productive result is the beauty of physical computing.

Great hatch guarantee with our incubator system.

If you want to acquire some of our incubators, we build them in pre-order basis as per feature you like. We would love to share it with you. Please feel free to contact us for more details and inquiries.